Desert Production for ARB 2012

So, after several months of planning and coordination, we finally had another opportunity to get into a production-scenario for ARB usa. Moab and Fruita were the locations of choice with some very specific sub-locations and a shot-list built around ad-needs for the company. 

We also had an interest in shooting things with a mind towards building a piggyback-friendly environment for other companies to be added to the equation as we moved around. Shooting more PhotoJournalistic-style instead of the usual commercial-style (lack of budget and subsequent lack of staff forced this decision) we were able to move a bit faster from location to location, and got into a few more interesting places after the 3 ‘official’ days of production had run their course.  

In the spirit of ‘over-delivering’, an additional week+ was tacked onto the back of the trip for some further exploration and shooting some more personal-work since we were already in an amazing location, as well as some more complimentary content for ARB that will be made available as stock, should they have an interest. 

Many thanks to Lisa from ARB for believing in our production capabilities and for the trust in WilzFoto, as well as another opportunity to create some new content for ARB’s use in North America!

Looking forward to more opportunities down the line with you guys!


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