Mountain Flyer Content Trip- April 2012 Update 4

Mountain Flyer Content Trip update 4

Today marks the ½ way point of our trip in a manner of speaking. The mission for the trip was to arrive in Port Angeles with Team Geronimo to report on the race and for the guys to compete in the DH. With the race-weekend over, we had a decision to make concerning return-route, the completion of our Ride Guide for Mountain Flyer was our priority on the way out, and as we were looking at a possible overlap-situation related to stops we’d discussed for our return-route, some further planning was required.

Brian and I had to retrieve and transport a vehicle for one of my clients from Renton, WA back to Grand Junction for us to grab at a later date for an automotive production project, so we needed to get to ARB’s headquarters in the morning. A drive back on the 112 across the NW corner of Washington State brought us to the Kingston Ferry and subsequently out of what was seemingly a rainforest-area in which we’d been dwelling since we landed in Port Angeles. The sun graced us for the first time in days, and I hadn’t really realized to that point, just how impacted I was by its absence. We drove down the slight hill into the quaint seaside village that is Kingston, its main street festooned with cute coffee shops and several bakeries. We’d been provided with some beta concerning a gluten-free organic bakery that we wanted to investigate, so we parked Samba in the lineup, and marched back up the hill in search of a cappuccino for me and some gluten-free treats for Brian.

Miracle Morsels delivered, with probably THE most amazing GF cookie and other goodies imaginable. The owner of the store proved to have some interest in Mountain Biking and sent Brian out the door with a bag of treats to fuel him for the rest of the day, with us promising we’d return again to shop further at a later date. Onward!

The ferry-shuttle deposited us about 20min north of Seattle, where we redirected ourselves through some mid-day traffic, and straight on to ARB’s HQ. I had some wiring-attention I needed to pay to my 2nd battery, mounted astern in Samba that powered my fridge and allowed me to charge lighting gear etc. Brian had to retrieve the 4Runner, and when I realized that I had more work ahead of me (under my vehicle) than just 30min-worth, I sent him on his way to Bend to meet up with the rest of the crew. I remained behind, and spend some quality time on the floor of the ARB warehouse/HQ in the bay, re-hanging my wiring, changing a fuse, and having my fridge tested and getting a warranty-replacement tent. Upon completion of the necessary work and reassembling the vehicle, I joined my friend there for a hasty lunch, and then re-set my course for Bend OR. I had 7+ hours to enjoy some jazz, a dinner in a grocery-store parking lot prepared with love in the back of the truck, and then a night-drive across the flanks of Mt Hood in a snowstorm.

We’ve grown somewhat weary and mindful of the late-night-pull-in for campsites, but this couldn’t be avoided. I descended upon the parking area at Phil’s Trailhead once again, this time with my group already long-asleep, yet not at a completely ungodly hour… doused my lights, and promptly set-about ripping the fly off my tent so I could get some sleep (w/o it flapping away in the breeze). We had some epic riding to enjoy first thing in the morning, from the reports we’d heard over the weekend up at the race. We’d seen parts of the area, but wanted to investigate further. Stoke was running high, and I anxiously forced myself to sleep. Tomorrow would finally be a solid riding day for me (sans 60lb pack of lighting/camera gear).